Sergio Policicchio


Sergio Policicchio. 1985 Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2004 he moved to Ravenna, Italy, where he studied visual arts and mosaics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna. He lives and works between Italy, Argentina and Moldova.


Performances and exhibitions:

“In nomine lucis“, concert at teather Colón, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2017

“La visione dell’invisibile”, personal exhibition, Vibra gallery, Ravenna, 2017

“tsu-na-gu”, collective exhibition, Shimadai gallery, Kyoto, Japan, 2016

“In nomine lucis“, concert at DeSingel, Antwerp, Belgium, 2015 

“Partiture eventual”, installation site specific, Emergenze creative 2015, exhibition curated by Silvia Chirelli, Ravenna 2015

Quelqu’un“, collective exhibition, M comme mosaique gallery, Paray-le-monial, France, 2015

Tempo Reale Collection “Buco Bianco”, a CD produced by Tempo Reale

“Buco Bianco“,  field recording project at “Tempo reale festival“, florence, Italy, 2014

“Buco Bianco “, Spazio Aereo, Venice, Italy, 2014

Moscow Biennial, collective exhibition for a parallel proyect inside the Moscow Biennial, Musivum Gallery, Moscow, 2014

Biennale del disegno Rimini(Biennial drawing Rimini), galleria Ninnapì, Ravenna, 2014

Ismail Akmetov foundation, Artist in residence program, Moscow, 2014

“Mundus“, concert for the Ravenna Festival, Biblioteca Classense, Ravenna, 2013

second step “Ganekogorta” proyect, performance, Ravenna, 2013

“Equazione Impossibile”, collective exhibition, by Marte, Ravenna, 2013

first step “Ganekogorta” proyect, Residence and Performance, Ravenna,2012

“Non c’e spazio” , installation, collective exhibition, Cantine di Palazzo Rava, Ravenna, 2012 

“Attore, il tuo nome non è esatto”. Performance for Romeo Castellucci/Societas Raffaello Sanzio, 2012

“After After” , installation, collective exhibition, Art Gallery “niArt”, Ravenna, 2011

“Potenziale di Fisicità”. Installation-performance, Festival  “Ammutinamenti”, Ravenna, 2011

“On Growth and Form”, performance/installation, paper and sound. Collaboration with Dacia Manto, gallery Ex- brun, Bologna, 2011

“Ballo Venezia” Performance for  Anagoor teather, Palazzo Fortuny, Venice, 2011

“In tensione verso”, installation, stone and threads,Personal exhibition, Ravenna,  2011

Festival internazionale del mosaico. Collective exhibition, Ravenna,2011

Festival internazionale del mosaico. Collective exhibition, Ravenna, 2010

“X racconti crudeli della giovinezza”. three-year proyect for the theater company “Motus”,Italy, 2007-2010